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Enterprise-level LLM-based Development Training Camp

In this course, you’ll embark on an exhilarating journey through the world of Large Language Models (LLMs) and discover how they are reshaping the AI landscape

  • 1. Undergraduate/Master's/PhD students in computer-related majors
  • 2. Transformer, ChatGPT, LLMs technology enthusiasts
  • 3. Enthusiasts of intelligent conversational robots
  • 4. Individuals looking to transition from recommendation systems, knowledge graphs to NLP
  • 5. Developers looking to upgrade their NLP skills
  • 6. NLP researchers in enterprises
  • 7. IT personnel who want to systematically and comprehensively master NLP in a short period Note: Basic Python and Transformer courses have been recorded for learners without foundational knowledge.
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Course content

Lesson 1: End-to-End Voice Chatbot Project Based on GPT-3.5
1. Development of the ChatGPT API backend
2. Building a voice chatbot backend using FastAPI
3. Building a voice chatbot frontend using React
4. ChatGPT voice chatbot project testing
5. Improvements of the ChatGPT voice chatbot
6. Dissecting the three core components of enterprise-level ChatGPT development: Models, Tools, Data
Lesson 2: Case Study of SQL Application Development Based on LLM
Lesson 3: Transformer Technology and Mathematical Core of ChatGPT Underlying Architecture
Lesson 4: GPT Mechanism and Line-by-line Analysis of Source Code Implementation
Lesson 5: Hands-on Implementation of a Complete ChatGPT Plugin from Scratch
Lesson 6: ChatGPT Prompting Development Case Study and Detailed Explanation of Best Practices
Lesson 7: Decryption of the Nature of Prompt and Case Study of Evaluation
Lesson 8: Decryption and Practice of CoT, ToT, ReAct
Lesson 9: Analysis and Practice of the Most Popular Large Model Framework, LangChain
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• Currently working as CTO of a conversational robot in Silicon Valley, specializing in Conversational Al.
• Worked in Silicon Valley's top machine learning and artificial intelligence labs in the US.
• CTO, Distinguished AI Engineer, Chief Machine Learning Engineer.
• Founder and CTO of a Talents Sourcing company in the US.
• Author of 21 books on AI and data science.
• Knows every line of LangChain source code and is good at debugging all kinds of difficult problems.

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Louis Maiden

a week ago
Enterprise-level LLM-based Development Training Camp is the top resource I recommend for LLM.

Ronald Bowers

a week ago
This was a tremendously helpful well organized and well presented course! I enjoyed the lectures and learning with the tutor. Thank you so much for your excellent work to teach me!


1. What are the specific basic requirements of the course?
Basic Python programming ability to read and understand Python code is sufficient
2. Is the live broadcast recorded?
3. What is the format of the class?